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Stop Making These Common Lighting Mistakes

With the choice of LED bulbs or solar energy, it is no surprise people are getting smarter about their lighting at home. However, there are still many common lighting mistakes people make in their life. So here are some mistakes that you should stop making.

Mistake: Use only one source of light 

Solution: Instead of relying on your overhead light for lighting, place table lamps on different areas of the room. If you are reading, you can simply turn on the table lamp and turn off the overhead light.

Mistake: Overlooking the issue of Wattage 

Solution: Install a dimmer so you would have an option of going from 40 to 100 watts. Lighting is king as it affects the environment in a room. If you are having a romantic dinner, dining at 60 watts is perfect. Also, when you are reading, you would like to have it 75 to 100 watts.

Mistake: Putting Light Switches in the Wrong Place

Light switches should be placed about 3 feet above the floor. The reason is it can avoid getting in the way of the art on the walls. In addition to that, people can reach it comfortably without jumping or crouching.

Mistake: No Source of Light in the Closet

Imagine you have to find that very important pair of khaki pants for tomorrow’s speech but you can’t find it at night because you don’t have any lighting in your closet. Your closet needs attention, too. It is required to have good lighting when you need to pick out your outfit.

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