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Residential Electrical Services

We’re here to help you with all your home electrical needs! If it runs on electricity, then that means we can install it, fix it, or replace it. Cyr Electric, Inc. has been providing residents of the Auburn and surrounding areas with professional electrical services since 1989. Below are some of our main residential services.

Lighting and Fan Installation

We offer a full range of interior and exterior lighting options and electrical installation services. Whether it is one light fixture, a custom basement lighting layout or a comprehensive outdoor security lighting solution, we have the necessary tools, knowledge and experience to turn your plan into reality.

Cyr Electric, Inc. installs and replaces ceiling fans, attic fans, whole house fans, bathroom ventilation fans and all other electric hard-wired fans and ventilation devices.

Switches and Breakers

Dimmer switches allow you to add ambience to your room by setting just the right amount of light for a dinner party, or when turned all the way up, reading your favorite book. Call and hear how easy it is to have dimmer switches added to your home’s special areas.202290560_fb40def5b7_b

Is the switch turned on, but the light is not? Does the breaker in your electrical service panel continually trip even though you reset it? Are all of the damp areas in your home protected with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI outlets? Are your bedroom circuits protected by the most modern fire protection circuit breakers like Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters or AFCIs?

If you answered “yes” to either of the first two questions and “no” to either of the last two, you need to have a licensed electrical contractor on the phone recommending a solution. You could have a bad light switch, they do wear out. A constantly tripping electrical circuit breaker may mean more to you than you realize. GFCI protected outlets save lives. AFCIs prevent fires and all new construction and remodeled residential bedrooms require AFCI protected circuits (lights and receptacles/outlets).

Electrical Panel Replacement and Wiring

Multiple Panel Installs

Your electrical service panel can handle only so much. Older homes were not designed with the future in mind. Today we enjoy microwave ovens, deep freezers, hair dryers in every bathroom, hot tubs and central air conditioning. At a certain point, and regardless of the age of your home, your electrical service panel can be tapped to full capacity (all circuit breaker slots filled up). If you wish to add one more circuit to power a new appliance or device, the only thing to do is upgrade to a larger size and higher capacity electrical service panel box.

Electrical Wiring for Basement Finishing

Finishing your basement increases the value of your home and maximizes enjoyment of all available floor space. Cyr Electric, Inc. is your basement finish electrical contractor of choice. We are fully equipped to provide you with a custom wiring solution to meet your exact basement finish requirements.

TV – Telephone – Data Communications cables, wiring and connections

If it is a wire or cable that carries electricity or a signal, we can do the job. Our TV/phone/data wiring and cabling service technicians are well versed at installing all types of electrical and telephone wires, antenna, cable and satellite TV coaxial cable plus computer network data – CAT 5, CAT 6- cables. We hand measure and custom fit each run of wire to leave a professional image. All electrical, telephone, TV and data wires and cable will be hidden in the walls only to peek out where you plug in your connection.

Residential Generator Installation

Want back up power for the cold winter months? We are a certified Generac Generator installer and can set up your house with an automatic transfer switch or manual transfer switch.  Don’t worry about being without heat or power.  We can supply you with generators big and small to meet all your needs

Contact our professional electrical contractors today at (508) 755-1110 or (888) 422-2227 or schedule services online!