Oxford, MA Electrician

Oxford, MA is about 10 minutes from Cyr Electric and less than 10 miles away.  With a population of about 14,000 people, Oxford is made up of over 5000 households.  That is a lot of households that need electrical work.

Cyr Electric is proud to offer its electrical contractor service to the residents and businesses of Worcester, MA.  Our master electricians are experienced in electrical wiring for homes, offices, warehouses, restaurants & apartments.  We also install, repair and maintain electrical panels, breakers & generators.  Contact us for all your electrical needs!

We also offer a variety of other services including TV coaxial cable running, network data cables, CAT 5 & CAT 6 cable runs & inside wiring, sign lighting & sign installation and bucket truck service.

We try to encourage all our customers to go green so we offer free commercial energy audits to help you save money!  Contact Cyr Electric today at (508) 755-1110 or toll free at (888) 422-2227.  You can also email us at cyrelectric@cyrelectric.net