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Outdoor & Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your Backyard or Patio

Outdoor lighting can add beauty, safety and security to your home if it’s done right.  A well designed lighting plan with different layers of light can help accent your landscape design, backyard or patio.

Cyr Electric can help you install low voltage outdoor lighting systems that are inexpensive to operate and easy to maintain with automatic timers or indoor light switches.

Below are a few examples of outdoor lighting ideas to make your home more welcomin

outdoor-walkway-lightingMixing different styles of walkway lights is not only unique, but also makes your walkway safer for your family and

backyard-lightingYou can get a moon light effect by placing light fixtures high in trees.  These fixtures were placed about 30-40 feet in the tree to hide the fixture. Uplighting on trees near the house and moon lighting in the taller trees beyond preserves a woodsy feel and illuminates walking areas so that no path fixtures are needed.

creating-shadows-lightingShadows can be just as interesting as light.  Especially if you have beautiful stonework to show off on your home! Spotlights were placed close to the foundation of the house so the light would catch the stone edges and create shadow patterns.

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