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Organic Waste Transformed into Energy


Waste from Pigs transformed into Electricity

At Cyr Electric, we love saving energy.  Here is a cool story about a company called chemical engineering company called IChemE that is using organic waste from pigs on a farm in Leicestershire, UK to help provide power over 700 homes and reduce landfill waste by 18,000 tons each year.

The pig waste is being used to produce biogas that can generate around 1.2 MW of electricity.  The electricity is then exported into the local energy grid that use used to power homes as well as the farm the pigs live on.

In addition to the electricity, this process also yields a high quality pasteurized fertilizer that is weed free and rich in nitrogen.

The technology used to convert waste into energy was designed and built by a company in the UK called PROjEN BioEnergy. Read more here.

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