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Schedule a FREE Commercial Energy Audit Today – Start Saving Your Company $$$

High Savings With Low-Cost Actions:

Did you know an office building of average operating efficiency  with 50,000 square feet of office space can reduce operating costs by $40,000 per year through no-cost and low cost actions. Learn how your commercial building can save energy and money by considering a free energy audit.  Virtually all facilities can benefit  from a lighting upgrade and retrofit.  It is the job of an energy auditor to locate and suggest where energy efficient lighting products should be used.  Did you know that businesses collectively spend more than $15 billion a year on heating, cooling, lighting and other energy uses in some state?  Much of the cost is unnecessary.  While high and variable energy costs will continue to impact their bottom line, companies of all types and sizes can take action to reduce these impacts.

Organizations that implement energy-efficient measures out perform their competitors by as much as 10%.  To remain profitable and gain a competitive edge, companies need to do more than just turn off unnecessary light and adjust thermostats.  They need to make energy efficiency as essential part of their business plan.  By doing so, businesses lower their utility bills and help ensure a reliable energy supply.

Why Consider a Commercial Lighting Energy Audit:

A commercial lighting energy audit is a way to benchmark how much energy your organization currently uses and to determine what measures you can take to make your business more energy efficient.  An audit will measure the efficiency of your current lighting fixtures and bulbs to determine how retrofitting your system will save you money and energy over a 5 to 10 year time period.  Professional lighting energy audits generally go into great detail.  Cyr Electric, Inc.’s experienced energy auditor will do a room-by-room examination of the commercial space, as well as a thorough examination of past utility bills to determine your best savings options.

There are lots of ways to reduce energy usage and the costs associated with it in commercial buildings by almost 40 % in many facilities.  Instituting the use of energy efficient lighting concepts can reduce lighting energy costs in building by as much as 50 % every year alone.  There are also tax incentives that you may qualify for up to $250K.  If you qualify you may not even have to spend any money out of pocket.

What You Will Find In Your Lighting Audit:

After the audit has been completed and computed, you will be provided a detailed analysis with an easy to read savings report.  The Cyr Electric, Inc. audit report gives you estimated savings, projected implementation costs, and complete return on investment information.  This will allow you to see the time frame to pay off the new lighting upgrades as well as the projected savings over the complete life of the bulb and fixture.

Goals We Aim To Achieve:

  • Put money back in your bank.  Request a free energy audit.
  • Don’t continue to pay higher energy costs when you don;t have to – our free energy audit is a no obligation way to discover how you could save more money every month on your utilities
  • Conserve more energy – and money
  • Get up to 125% back on your investment
  • Qualify for tax incentives up to $250k
  • Improve your quality of light
  • Spend no money out of pocket if you qualify