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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I do my own wiring?
The State of Massachusetts says that you can do your own wiring, provided it’s your own home. You must be the owner, and it does not apply to other rental property or business property you might own, and you must have the work inspected by the local wiring inspector.
2. How do I know when I need a professional?
Many people will attempt basic circuits in their home. Most people, however, will not tackle any work around the main panel as there areĀ  a lot of live parts and it can be very dangerous. Also, a swimming pool must be grounded and wired properly. We would recommend a professional for this job. We recommend a licensed electrician for al of your electrical needs. A few dollars saved is not worth the possibility of an electrical fire or someone getting hurt.
3. Does the work need to be inspected?
Yes. The State of Massachusetts says that all work must be inspected by the local electrical inspector.
4. Can I run some of the cables and then have you connect them to the box?
Yes. You can legally run cables in your own home and have a qualified electrician make the final connections into the live panel. It is illegal for you to run wires or hang fixtures or any other related work in any building other than your primary residence.
5. Does someone need to be home while we are working on your electrical job?
No. Many people will leave us and go to work and find the job completed when they return home.
6. How much does an estimate cost?
Our estimates are free.
7. Do you give estimates over the phone?
Yes, we do, but we reserve the right to adjust our quote once we arrive if we feel it is necessary.
8. How soon can you start?
Depending on the urgency of the project, we would be able to start anywhere from immediately to the next day or week.
9. If I help, can I save myself some money?
Yes. Many times people will dig trenches or run wires, but don’t feel comfortable making the connections in a live panel. They hire us and save money.
10. How do I pay?
For residential projects, we don’t ask for a deposit, but a check or money order will be needed upon completion of the job. For commercial and industrial projects we allow 30 days for payment.
11. Would we be charged by the hour, or would you give a quote for the entire job?
We could do either one. Some people want to be charged on an hourly basis, other people want to have a quote given before the work is started.