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Electricity Base Rates to Double This Winter in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities approved increases in electricity billing rates, which the National Grid company had requested only one week before. From Nov 1st to April 30th, the base rate for a kilowatt hour of electricity will increase from 8.3 cents to 16.2 cents.

It is estimated that this will add an additional $30 to the monthly bill this winter. The company argues that increases in the cost of natural gas, along with insufficient infrastructure for its supply, are causing commercial electricity generators to charge more this winter.

National Grid’s electricity bills already include a number of incomprehensible charges such as a monthly Transition Charge, for example, recoups “company payments to its wholesale supplier for terminating its wholesale arrangements,” and a Transmission Charge to cover “the cost of delivering electricity from the generation company to the beginning of the Company’s distribution system.”

This winter, its more important than ever to save electricity and to save money.  Visit energy.gov and check out their energy saving tips for the winter.

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