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Do Surge Protectors Actually Work?

The answer to the question do surge protectors actually work is yes, they can save your electronics from getting fried, exploded, and most importantly your lives. So, how do they actually work?

Power surge is also known as transient voltage. It can the result of either a lightning or a malfunction with the electrical equipment outside of your home. It can also happen when your appliances switch on and off. If you ever noticed the light dim when a major appliance like an air conditioner turns on, that is a sign of a surge.

In a typical Massachusetts home, voltage is set to flow at 120 volts. Whenever the voltage exceeds the 120 volts, there will be damages done to appliances plugged in. This why surge protectors are helpful because they will prevent the damage from getting to your electronics by diverting it to the groundline. The round prong of a three-prong electrical plug will protect you from an electrical shock.

In the typical North American home, voltage is set to flow at 120 volts. But when surges occur, the voltage exceeds this limit, and some amount of damage always takes place. The amount of damage depends on the intensity and length of the surge.

Surge protectors prevent this damage from reaching your electronics and appliances by diverting the excess voltage into your home’s grounding line. When you look at a three-prong electrical plug, the round prong at the bottom connects to the grounding line and protects you from accidental electrical shock.

Adding a Second Layer of Protection

If you have a surge protector, whether it is a simple surge protecting power strip or an entire surge protection system, it can save your life. However, it is not 100% reliable, so it is recommended to create a second layer surge protection.

As many homeowners have a power strip in Massachusetts, the easiest way to install additional protection is to install a whole-home surge protection system. It can be super effective at diverting accidental surges that originated outside the home.


If you are interested in installing a whole-home surge protection system, contact Cyr Electric today for a free estimate and consultation. We are proud to serve Auburn, Shrewsbury, Grafton, Millbury, and other towns in the Worcester County.


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