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Benefits of Standby Generators for Businesses

Generac commercial generator installation

As a business owner, you want to ensure everything is running smoothly from the time you open to the time you close your doors at the end of the day. A power outage could cost you a large amount of money either in the form of lost sales or lost production hours, which is why […]

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Electrical Inspection for Commercial Buildings: What You Need to Know

electrical motor control installation

As a state, Massachusetts strives to reward businesses and industrial buildings who are more energy efficient. In order to continue improving your energy efficiency, electrical inspections are necessary. The state requires all electrical wiring to be safe and up to date, and Cyr Electric is here to offer industrial buildings with a full electrical inspection. […]

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How to Organize Your Home Power Cords & Wires

Wires and power cords are necessities of modern life. After all, who can live without a smartphone, a television, a DVR, a computer, and a game console? All of these wires, though, can get unattractive quite quickly. Nobody wants to be relaxing at home while staring at a tangle of cords; it can also make […]

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6 Energy Saving Tips for Spring


Spring has finally arrived in New England and we couldn’t be more excited! As a homeowner, you’re probably focusing on those home improvement projects. Did you know that you can save some serious cash for those home improvements by cutting back on energy costs? Check out these professional spring energy saving tips from our electrical company. 6 […]

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Underground vs Overhead Utility Wires: Which is Better?

subterranean electrical wire installation

It’s always a tough debate when trying t o decide what to do with utility wires. To bury, or not to bury, that is the question. At Cyr Electric, our industrial electricians are capable of both burying electrical wires and installing overhead wires. The main thing we ask is that utility companies weigh the costs […]

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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning An Expansion/Relocation

fuse box installation

Planning an expansion or relocation of your current industrial complex is daunting; there are a lot of aspects that need to be planned out months in advance — one of those things being your electrical wiring in the new place or in the extension area of your existing space. Cyr Electric, Inc. is here to […]

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What Is An Energy Audit?

multiple electrical panels

Are you in a situation in which you know you could probably save money on energy and electricity, but you aren’t sure how? The best option to determine how much money you’re spending and how much you can save is by opting for an energy audit. What is an Energy Assessment? Energy audits, also known […]

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How to Baby-Proof Cords & Electrical Outlets

animated electrical outlet and cord

For those homeowners who have babies or young children, it can be difficult to keep and eye on their every move. Sometimes they wander out of sight and the next thing you know they’ve hurt themselves. One of the most common household features — your electrical outlets and cords — can be a wonder for […]

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3 Benefits An Electrician Can Provide to Your Home Theater System

Electrician in Auburn MA

Did you recently purchase a state-of-the-art home theater system that will play amazing sounds? The system will be great when you watch a movie with a loved one or watch football with your friends. However, the home system in addition to your large TV and other devices that are connected to the same outlet or […]

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Exterior Electrical Outlets Can Help You Power Outdoors

Exterior Outlets

Did you encounter the situation of not being able to charge your smartphone while barbecuing with your friends and family outdoors? Not being able to power up the holiday lights in the desired area? Consider installing outlets outside of your home. Exterior outlet use basically applies the same safety rules as an indoor one but […]

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